ULeadership is the leadership training & development division of Hoops Plus, LLC.  The purpose of ULeadership is to help individuals achieve more success in any and all endeavors of life while assisting them in furthering their leadership qualities. ULeadership utilizes various methods to give individuals the opportunity to experience greater success in life, as well as positively impacting those around them.  We believe that everyone can demonstrate leadership qualities and that "Leadership begins with U".
Why the 'U'
I have been emphasizing for years that everyone can be a leader and that you don't need to wait for someone to lead you or tell you what is the right thing to do.  Leadership doesn't end with you but it certainly should begin with you leading yourself and then leading others.  Thus the catchy play on words leadership begins with you, however, we took it one step further and made it text/twitter friendly with the 'U'.

Jamy Bechler
Lead yourself ... Influence others ... Change the world around you
Jamy Bechler
Executive Director; ULeadership

  • Athletic Director at school with 21 varsity sports
  • College Basketball Coach (18 years)
  • President; Hoops Plus, LLC.
  • Multiple Coach of the Year Awards
  • Sports Management Professor (5 yrs)
  • Editor, The Encouraging Leader
  • Originally from Michigan
  • Currently resides with his family in Indiana
About Us
"Leadership begins with U"