"Coach Bechler came in to talk to my team early during our pre-season conditioning about how Success Is A Choice. Coach did a great job in not only hitting on the things that our players needed to hear and could relate to, but also presented it in a way that had my team locked in on his message. I believe Coach Bechler's message really gave the team a boost at an important time in our teams mental and physical development that led to a Final Four finish. "
Greg Tipps, Head Basketball Coach 
Stone Memorial HS (TN) 
Lead yourself ... Influence others ... Change the world around you
"Leadership begins with U"
"Coach Bechler truly is an inspirational leader. He not only encourages a will to win on the court but also a will to win in life.  If you haven't had the chance to hear him this should be a top priority with any program."
Craig McGill, Head Basketball Coach 
Summertown HS (TN) 
"Jamy was able to engage my players immediately.  His message stressing the value of each individual within the program was motivating and inspiring.  We are responsible for our own success."
Cory Barrett, Head Basketball Coach 
Riverdale HS (TN) 
"I want to give a sincere thank you to Coach Bechler for taking his time to invest in our program. He spoke about the direct correlation between success and OUR choices (sUccess/resUlts). We emphasized and integrated these principles this season and it made a huge impact on the choices our student-athletes made. Our players were able to grasp Coach Bechler's main idea of that each individual has the choice to be great. As we went through our journey of a state and national championship season, we continued to reflect on his blueprint for success. Our team had a major improvement in the individual investment they gave for the good of team success. As our players invested more and focused on all their daily choices, it grew the team unity, minimized the distractions, and built a tremendous confidence in our entire team! Our players gained the leadership qualities that are necessary to be a championship team".
Blackmon HS (TN)
Head Basketball Coach
2014 National Coach of the Year
Jamy Bechler's team received the 2013-14 NAIA women's basketball Champions of Character national award.